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maruko style1200Kokeshi and Sayonara Doll Resources

These links go to websites that are both informative and useful in teaching about Kokeshi and Sayonara styles of dolls as well as additional types of Japanese dolls.

There seems to be some confusion or argument concerning the history of the origins of Kokeshi dolls and to the meanings attributed to the dolls. One theory suggests that Kokeshi dolls originated through spirituality or religion which held that wooden dolls contained the spiritual essence of ancestors and the dolls would bring good fortune or a good harvest to their owners.

The annual All Japan Kokeshi Competition is held May. Kokeshi dolls of all sorts and other wooden toys and wood turning projects are places on display for competition and sale.

Every year, on the first Saturday and Sunday of September, people gather in Naruko Onsen where craftsmen from across the nation gather to honor Kokeshi in a competition where the number one prize is an award from the Prime Minister

Kokeshi and Sayonara Resources

Scissorcrafts provides only a brief overview about the dolls since the intent is primarily to provide color book images and crafts suitable to print and color and not to delve into controversy or provide an opinionated conclusion as to the how's and why's of Kokeshi dolls.

For more information about these beautiful and graceful dolls visit these sites:

Free Kokeshi Doll Craft Patterns