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Kokeshi Color Book Blanks

Kokeshi Folding Templates

Print and design your own unique patterns on these printable blank formats. Each card has a beginning theme format upon which to build a unique design. Refer to patterns and examples of existing kokeshi dolls for inspiration.

Print and paint your Kokeshi dolls according to tradition or get creative and use your imagination. Decorate your unique kokeshi doll with symbolic representations of nature including plants, vines, flowers, birds, animals, butterflies, clouds and other abstract, traditional or culturally significant designs.

Scissorcraft Kokeshi Dolls are whimsical and creative artworks for educational and entertainment purposes. Refer to the Japanese Kokeshi Doll resources page for links to Japanese artisans and more information.

Children can print and color these paper kokeshi and sayonara doll patterns and share them with their family and friends. These Kokeshi doll designs are also useful for embroidery, needle point, scroll saw and other personal and not-for-profit craft activities.