Halloween Theme Japanese Sayonara Dolls

Color book Sayonara dolls for young children to print, color and decorate to share with family and friends.

Sayonara dolls are popular variations of Japanese Kokeshi dolls. Each Sayonara doll is wrapped in a colorful scroll kimono consisting of traditional Washi paper. The kimono is bound into place by a length of colorful string or fabric.

Givers of the dolls write personal, heart-felt messages directly onto the "kimono" scroll addressed to loved ones to help commerate special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, baby showers and weddings. These gifts become treasured memories and because they are so beautiful are often put on display or carried as a permanent reminder.

These Color Book Sayonara dolls are formatted so the message kimono can be mounted on cardboard or popsicle sticks with the message kimono fan-folded. The flattened doll can be inserted into an envelope and mailed, used as a bookmark, slipped under a door, etc. You can also attached the patterns to such cylindrical objects as dowels or toilet paper tubes to create a doll that can stand on display.

Paper Japanese Sayonara Doll Color Book Halloween Printables for Children

Black and White Color Book Halloween Sayonara Dolls

Print and color these Sayonara Halloween message and invitation dolls with crayons or markers.

Halloween Sayonara Doll #001
Halloween Sayonara Doll #002
Halloween Sayonara Doll #003
Halloween Sayonara Doll #004
Jack O'Lantern Kokeshi Sayonara Doll #001
Jack O'Lantern Kokeshi Sayonara Doll #002
Count Dracula Kokeshi Sayonara Doll #003
Japanese Man Kokeshi Sayonara Doll #022
Japanese Ninja Kokeshi Sayonara Doll #023

Pre-Colored Printable Halloween Sayonara Dolls

Pre-colored Sayonara Halloween theme dolls to print on regular to glossy paper on ink-jet printer for best results.